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5 million tons of guizhou cold-chain logistics ref


Recently, guizhou province zhejiang chamber, guizhou waterfall cold-chain food investment limited investment 1 million yuan, new dongfeng frozen food market and 50,000 tons of big refrigerator officially opened in guizhou cold-chain logistics, filling market blank.

Guizhou waterfall cold-chain food investment Co., LTD. Reserves in guiyang city refrigerator, small scale, quantity smaller, less far not meet the needs of the market situation. The end of 2009, location convenient transportation WuDangOu dongfeng town of guizhou province's largest 50,000 tons of new large refrigerator. After more than a year of time constraints construction, investment 1 billion yuan in guizhou, the largest built 50,000 tons of database is large refrigerator and dongfeng frozen food market.

In recent years, with the rapid economic development in guizhou, qian the earth has become the pan-pearl river delta region vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, eggs, etc fresh produce the logistical base. Located in the inland guizhou, from coastal areas every year a large frozen seafood and various quick-frozen food. 5 million tons of big refrigerator is built, solved the shortage of guizhou refrigerated database is the status quo, fill the blank of guizhou cold-chain logistics market. Attracted 400 inside and outside of the large frozen food dealer check-in, solve more than 300 people obtain employment, rich people on the table.

Guizhou province zhejiang chamber executive President, guizhou waterfall cold-chain food investment limited company chairman, said ChenRuiGuo 50,000 tons of great cold storage project phase I project operation and frozen food trading market operation, every year will drive the value of the 50 million yuan each year, more than 2000 million new profit.