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Chongqing origin refrigerator with a total capacit


Hua long wangdai dispatch (reporter LuoYun) last year, apple for prices and nicknamed "Ping what". But over a decade ago, apple large price will be listed season apeakprice appear even sell difficult.

"Origin have cold storage, is' what 'prices firm Ping one of the important support." City the fruit industry association LiuMingYi said, "apple can in the refrigerator inside 'sleep' last year, growers can slow longly sell."

Reporter in survey found, in zhuhai construction of refrigerator, origin cold chain as the first link, but "off the specter of chain".

Wrong peak sales

Vegetables taste cold storage sweetener large

"Sell as much as possible a loss." In the middle of February, facing the reality of the wholesale price below cost TongLiangXian buildings, large GuXiaoDong decision: the vegetables more than 500 tons of Ephraim white is not for sale.

Last year the planting lotus white large buildings, February, resulting in middle and listed flocking to 0.26 yuan per kilogram, wholesale price only below the cost price of $30k. Such a price, let many farmers was chilling.

Don't sell doesn't mean GuXiaoDong will perish. He will be shipped to 60 kilometers Ephraim white a cryogenic inventory put up.

3 months late, northern vegetable prices thaw. More than 500 tons of JiaXiaoDong per kg Ephraim white for the price of 1.2 yuan to Beijing, liaoning and other places. Remove the 240 yuan per ton ZhuanYunFei, cold storage fees, per kilogram net profit erosion &deposition behavior 6 cents.

Planted ten menu JiaXiaoDong tells a reporter, the vegetable market is like the days of march, fickleness. Before boarding was with him, for the shareholders can kind of mood vendors brought dramatic ups and downs, and in a few years in succession "Semitic".

"If some more like cold storage as stable as the means of vendors, vegetable, people are good." GuXiaoDong regrets ground say.

Extend sales

Folk construction cold storage enthusiasm

In wanzhou, fix refrigerator is becoming one kind of boom.

Located in the iron peak futong yuan professional cooperatives, last year, more than 300 million fund-raising LiangBaiDun built for the gas-conditioning storage capacity; DengQingShu xikou township Yang mei planting large, is going to build cold storage site; Zone other some grapes, plum professional cooperatives, also in is built cold storage matters consulting relevant experts.

"Cold storage can spin sales time, inspired everyone's construction enthusiasm." WanZhouOu agriculture commission JiHuaKe section chief LiuZhongHeng said the development. Like yangtao, last year the planting area is 6,000 acres, now to end will nearly 2.1 million acres. In the natural conditions, kiwi storage life less than a month. If no idea, enter high yield period kiwi fruit will abuse of city.

"The past sales radius is small, selling time short, basic need not worry about sales problems." City agriculture commission's HongGuoWei analysis by long everywhere. Along with the development of wing farmers yuan income, congener produce increased chance of playing pile of listing, producers need to extend sales period; And produce large circulation patterns cause output to target market relatively far from mature citrus, and like this kind of mature in climate higher raw product, output measures after also need to maintain quality is delicious.

"If the absence of a refrigerator, quality agricultural products will be listed producer's nightmare." HongGuoWei said.

According to understand, at present our country of refrigerated for fruit and vegetable for 120 tons, but the capacity of the refrigerator with a total capacity of producing zhuhai only 1.5 million tons, far below the national average. Like TongLiang, a total of three with a total capacity of 1,200 tons of cold storage. County officials said ShuCaiBan, according to two thousand mu thevegetable plot need 1000 tons capacity calculation, facing the county-wide 100,000 mu vegetable base, capacity of appear tight.

Building block

Processing rate is low and lack of funds is presented

Mentions origin refrigerator construction, many people were difficult.

First, zhuhai fresh agricultural products processing is low. In the low-temp agricultural grading, appearance of poor used for extracting the intensive processing, such as cold storage, superior to the usual practice is to save capacity. But the most sell in the market in zhuhai is unprocessed primary agricultural products, even if it is developing rapidly recent years citrus, processing also only 30%.

Second is bull management form "blind area". A professional cooperatives told reporters that currently built of refrigerated enthusiasm, the government also folk support, but need specific departments transfer funds, the agriculture department think money to "lost" to the ground, it is support agriculture; Commercial system will think, cold storage built in origin, haven't go into circulation field, not belong to them tube. According to understand, building the capacity of refrigerator average 1 ton, substantially higher than 23000 yuan needs of ordinary buildings built cost. Foreign cold storage by farmers often, and zhuhai agricultural self-built mode of running a small business that lack of capital source construction of refrigerated.

Third, cold storage built in where, how can benefit the building, also become the problem of test people. LiuMingYi had to shaanxi provinces examines a local cold storage. He said, the cold storage year can store multiple rounds, therefore distribution thinning or agricultural products too small, was built to meet demand; Distribution too dense, built too large and create waste, and also raise the operation cost.

Expert advice

Introducing strength enterprise or a joint investment

Last July, the national development and reform commission issued agricultural cold-chain logistics development planning ", puts forward fruit and vegetable cold-chain circulation rate will increase from last year's 5% above 20 percent by 2015. Cold storage construction as the key support the plan of the eight engineering by 2015, to increase the cold let 1000 tons.

Reporter under investigation found that, for now, the refrigerator storage fruits and vegetables in zhuhai in mostly in the chain is closer to the market, such as the county level one wholesale market and the city of vegetable and fruit wholesale market, many near counties didn't realize the importance of building origin refrigerator. The origin of the low starting point to chongqing, refrigerator construction motorists.

To this, the expert and insiders suggestion: introducing the enterprise with rich strength, or use cooperatives and large joint investment etc, the government gives way to construct the cold storage; allowance of certain Innovation mechanism, specifying related departments in origin refrigerator duties, formed on the construction of support force; In the refrigerator construction, and we should fully combined with local before fruit and vegetable base construction situation of the argument, ensure refrigerator, realize to radiation surrounding base, to ensure full burden operate throughout the fruit quality and prolong the time, stable market sale price can provide.