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Binhai center this year will reach refrigeratory f


Tianjin hangu north net news: as tons demonstration center, cold storage last year successfully putting-in-service proactively fishing port "northern aquatic product processing distribution center" the characteristic in the center are becoming more and more serious fishing port. Expected by the end of this year, the center of the construction of refrigerator fishing port of 20 tons, the scale is completed, will become the biggest aquatic products processing in northern China distributing center.

"The imported aquatic products are transported to center the harbor, then the country, center the wholesale put into operation of refrigerated fishing port demonstration will enable China northern cold-chain food realize from the origin to the distribution function." table Cold storage project fishing port tons demonstration center last "11" formally put into operation, so far, the cold storage with the United States, Canada, Finland, more than 10 countries such as Australia of frozen food enterprise signed purchase agreement, cold storage for nearly SiQianDun inventory, imported foods mainly meat products give priority to, the rest for aquatic product, every day there are 300, 500 tons of imported frozen food into the Treasury. This year, the center will build a fishing port demonstration cold storage, processing according to the need of the market between the food packaging to the big supermarket, to access packet repacking and market.

Center fishing port the ac controller introduces, this year, will also continue to speed up north aquatic product processing distribution center function, including Singapore, construction of the first ground-launched cold-chain food processing project, tianjin yongfeng group cold-chain food processing and logistics base project, tianjin east sheng rhett Co., LTD cold-chain logistics project and aquatic products trading complex, including four cold-chain food processing project has been finished signing expected this year, all start construction, project all once construction begins, center for nearly 20 million tons port cold storage size, when completed, will become the biggest aquatic products processing in north China distributing center. In addition, at present shandong sino-australian holding company construction 10 tons of cold storage project, rain embellish group 10 tons of cold storage project 6 projects under negotiation. Meanwhile, according to the planning, construction began this year will be six 5000 tonnage ports, is expected to be completed by the end of two dock construction project. By then, "distribution" function will increase sea passage. Reporter CaoBaoYan