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The definition and refrigerated fly refrigerator U


English name:

Freezing storage


Stable low temperature storage frozen food to the warehouse.

Subordinate subject:

Aquatic learn (level 1 discipline); Aquatic and processing (secondary discipline)

Cold storage freezing storage temperature), using the humidity and create appropriate facilities temperature conditions warehouse. Also called cold storage. Is processing, storage products of places. Can get rid of the influence of climate and prolong the storage period of various products, in order to regulate the market supply.

Refrigerator USES

Cold storage is used artificial refrigeration method lets fixed space achieve specified temperature facilitate storage items of buildings. Cold storage can be widely used in the food, RuPinChang, pharmaceutical factory, chemical plants, fruit and vegetable warehouse, eggs warehouse, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, blood stations, army and lab, etc. Cold storage is mainly used for food, dairy products, meat, aquatic product, poultry, fruits and vegetables, cold drinks, flowers, green plant, tea, pharmaceuticals, chemical raw materials, electronic instrument etc. The constant